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About Us




Leggendavera Company is the brain child of brothers Charles and Max Vassallo. It is a small family-owned project management business where the two directors engage in hands-on designing and building of successful projects. Although their operations are similar to that applied by interior designers and turnkey contractors, their work entails more than that. They listen to their client’s dreams, design their project within their budget and construct the necessary finishes that lead to full completion. To offer such a service, Leggendavera has a strong team with various skills, such as tile layers, builders, plasterers, painters, plumbers and electricians. Thanks to Charles’ and Max’s experience in the field, they aim to establish the right chemistry with their clients in order to develop a unique project.


Leggendavera is a progressive, multi-disciplined project management company that has the skill, the focus, and the discipline to ensure that one’s project is not only completed on time and within budget but also achieves its intended purpose.


Leggendavera operates within the building industry with a design-and-build concept. It offers a one-stop-shop for projects of any scale. It plays a role for persons who are at an early stage of planning as well as for those who just need a refurbishment, working with households, offices, retail outlets and other buildings.


Leggendavera also plays a part in importation, being the sole agent and distributor of certain products such as parquet flooring “Listone Giordano”, wood burning fireplaces “Scan”, glass blocks “ClicBloc”, and many other products for interior decoration. For most of the imported products Leggendavera also incorporates the service for full installation. Clients are invited to discuss projects and see displays of products at the showroom at St. Venera, which is combined with the office, where clients can comfortably put their dreams on the table, and trust our team to make them come true.


The main strategy of the company lies in achieving goals in the time frame given. In order to do this, a feasibility study is first drawn up to define the major elements needed. Every project engaged by the company has a set of specific procedures that need to be abided by. A good portion of time is spent with the client, discussing styles, ideas and ways on how to actually implement them, and then formulate a plan to ensure that the project’s vision is in line with that of the customer.


Leggendavera’s methodology reflects the experience and expertise in the service it offers. Every project is different and every project is treated in a professional manner, where roles are strongly defined and where targets are reachable. Every project is completed on time to a high standard of quality.

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